24 February 2007

Three Beautiful Things

I've been reading a daily account of beautiful things as seen by a woman in England. She's inspired me to look around and see the beauty in my own life. People . . . things . . . words, whatever - anything can be beautiful if seen from the right perspective. I've been enjoying this new adventure and finding that I'm seeing many more than three beautiful things in a day! So here's my own list, created during my daily travellings to and fro.
  1. A phone call from a friend, who tells me "Kop op" - Dutch for "keep your head up"
  2. A visit from mom and dad involving fresh made-in-the-Valley yogurt
  3. Snow falling on the white spring flowers in my flowerpots

The original "Three Beautiful Things" blogspot is here: http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com/

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