30 September 2010

Ms. M, Ms L., and Ms. S

Who else would share a pitcher of sangria, a pack of smarties, poutine, a cross country discussion on love, and an adult education class with me, all within 24 hours?

28 September 2010

more on main

You can probably tell from my various posts that I love my neighbourhood. While from time to time I toy with the idea of moving to a different part of the city, I think that while I'm here in Vancouver, Main Street and Mt. Pleasant are where I belong. I realized just how saturated I am in my surroundings when looking at a neighbourhood events poster today. From a snippet of a photo, I recognized the flower pot, the street corner where it sits, and the coffee shop behind it.

27 September 2010

finding words

Finding that someone has put words and music to my internal musings.

25 September 2010

a moment on main street

Between the din of Saturday night on Main Street comes the sound of bagpipes. For one moment the traffic stops and the notes float unchallenged through the air. Around the corner and the rain starts, my umbrella is handy at the top of my bag. Then stop, there are the bagpipers, safe under the concrete awning. The rain pelts down, I am dry, and the music plays.

24 September 2010


Main Street's long slope ends at the water where the morning sun is teasing life into the port's orange cranes.

23 September 2010

morning stealth

I arrive so early that the famous JJ Bean muffins are not even out of the oven yet. As I hunch over my morning coffee, I gradually become aware of their unmistakeable aroma. I turn, and sure enough warm piles of muffins have snuck their way into the cabinet.

20 September 2010

chicken soup for the soul

I send off a whiney email and in response get an offer for company and homemade chicken noodle soup. Suddenly the clouds feel a little lighter.

18 September 2010

cross-country network

Cheery emails tell me she's alright and in good hands. I feel comforted knowing that there's a network stretching across the country, all ready at a moment's notice and all wanting the very best for our very dear friend.

16 September 2010


Around the corner comes my neighbour on her morning walk. She is elderly and a little hunched over. Some days I think she's walking a little slower than before. But whenever I come out my door I can be sure to see her, making her way around the neighbourhood.

15 September 2010

still summer

My neighbour's dishes rattle as she serves dinner on her patio. I remember happily that it is still summer for one more week.

14 September 2010


  1. A gregarious tap dancer entertains the Granville Island market crowd with tippity tapping and expressive hand movements
  2. Two brightly dressed men balance on the small dock overlooking the fish pond. One's playing the trumpet, the other a large tuba.
  3. Freshly printed theatre posters are being pinned to a wire spread across the alley.

13 September 2010


I've given up my own car and am now using co-op cars for getting around for meetings and such. One of the greatest benefits is the ability to try different types of vehicles. Today's ride in a VW Jetta gives me thrills as I swish around corners and feel the car responding to my directions.

12 September 2010

clutching at time

The lady who boards the bus is clutching a large white plasticy looking purse. As she sits down I see a clock embedded into the side of her bag. I'm not the only one who has noticed and soon she's telling the gentleman beside her all about it. "It runs a bit slow, it might be the battery."

11 September 2010


Leaning up against the door of my local fish and chip shop are three giant bags of potatoes. My mouth starts watering at all that potential goodness.

08 September 2010

working hard

The street next to me is designated as a bike path, which means that a lot of cyclists pass by on their way to and from downtown. Just down the road is quite a steep hill. It's fun to watch the different approaches the cyclists use to get up - slow and steady, fast and furious, looking determined, looking tired...it's the whole gamut of human emotions right there on my doorstep.

07 September 2010

back and forth

My internet is back after a lengthy delay wherein I wondered about not reconnecting. But going off the grid wasn't really a good option and here I am again!

The summer has been filled with adventures that cross this great country I'm living in. I find myself already present in the east coast warmth of new friends, the simplicity of a woodland lake, and the quiet family farmhouse.