31 January 2010


This morning I was at a friend's beautiful home, visiting with her and her two little girls. As I drove away I found myself wishing for some of those same things in my life. And then . . .
  1. every few kilometres I see a single bird perched on top of a light post. Hawks? Falcons? Too big for a crow and too dark for a gull
  2. four dear friends come over to share a meal and laughter
  3. my mother's cake recipe - a baking quest for Jennifer and I - turns out just a bit better than ever before

30 January 2010

honey, I'm home!

  1. Carmen is spending a few days with me as she studies. As I turn the key in the lock, I hear a cheery "hello!"
  2. Making dinner for two brings so much pleasure and gets my creative cooking juices going
  3. Carmen leaves for school and as she walks down the hall I'm already looking forward to having her back

27 January 2010

tea for two

  1. Grace and I settle in for a night on the couch and web surfing
  2. There was a new teapot for Christmas and it's just the right size for two
  3. A gentle waft of orange meets me as I open the new box of tea

21 January 2010

the best place on earth

  1. I'm so tired! Good thing I can go to bed
  2. My new flannel sheets are warm and cozy against the evening chill
  3. When I wash my bedding at Jen's place, I get to enjoy the smell of her lovely laundry soap all week long

20 January 2010

what about today?

  1. Today I was anxiously awaiting job news. Tonight my email account and voice mail are filled with messages from others who are awaiting the news with me (still waiting)
  2. Time on the couch with a friend, a blanket, and a bowl of chocolate ice cream
  3. The speed of my new laptop continues to provide pleasure every time I use it

17 January 2010

the sky's the limit

  1. Glancing up at a lit attic window, I see that the sloped walls and the ceiling have been painted as a blue sky with white billowy clouds
  2. I hear the morning radio host talking about the beautiful sunrise as I get ready for the day. Later, I see posts on Facebook about it. Even though I missed it, I'm glad that there was a beautiful start to the day
  3. One of my favourite things to do at my old job on the 13th floor was to come into the office just as the sun was rising. I would sneak into a colleague's west facing cubicle and soak in the first rays

16 January 2010

sunshine, blue sky and feeling green

  1. simple, but good. the sun is out for the first time in what feels like weeks.
  2. the sky is so blue! I had forgotten.
  3. across the park I spy a house painted an entrancing shade of green with purple trim. it matches my current outfit.

11 January 2010


  1. Megs and I find ourselves ankle deep in water. Where did that puddle come from? We laugh as we look at the disappearing puddle from all angles.
  2. A unexpectedly warm welcome from folks I hope will become friends
  3. While casually browsing through the library I come across a DVD I've been wanting to see for years

09 January 2010

the importance of day planners

  1. Every year I buy the same day planner from the same shop. Yesterday I sloshed in after being caught in a downpour and found that they had sold out. "But don't worry, Oscar will have them, just go down the street."
  2. I arrive at Oscar's feeling cold and wet (and to be honest, slightly grumpy). No planners! "But don't worry, I can order one for you and it will be here on Monday. 20% off!"
  3. Chatting with Pam on our way to the cinema, I tell her the tale. "Which kind do you use?" I ask. "Oh, I'm very specific with the planner I buy" she replies. "I always get the same one every year." It's the exact same as mine.

08 January 2010

friendly voices

  1. A friend who lends ideas and a listening ear is a lifesaver during this time of career transition and uncertainty
  2. New emails in my inbox invite me to come by the office for a chat
  3. My moments of angst are tempered with the knowledge that there are folks out there who believe in me

07 January 2010

out of the cold

  1. A pair of lost gloves sit on top of a fence post, waiting for their owner's hands
  2. Two very wrinkly dogs whine on the door step. I hear the door creak open to let them in
  3. A brief glimpse through a window - the table is covered with a bright blue and green cloth and a sweater hangs over the chair

06 January 2010

shining bright

  1. Last night the lights from the ski hills above Vancouver seemed so close that I reached out my hand to touch them
  2. The hospital has lit the trees outside its front doors with glittering blue and green. I imagine that it brings a little bit of beauty to the people inside
  3. Cambie Street construction is finished and at night there is a beautiful new view of the bridge lights curving over the river

01 January 2010