28 April 2011


On my first night back after holiday, I wake up to the sounds of fog horns and a ship coming into harbour. I listen for a moment and then fall easily back to sleep. This place and these sounds are familiar now.

20 April 2011

when in Rome

My heart starts beating faster as I hear the club president talk about the upcoming season. I've joined the Lunenburg Dory Racing Club!

19 April 2011

I dream of ice cream

"If you come outside around 10am in the summertime, you can smell the cones baking.  You should be able to smell it from your place." Apparently the ice cream store a few blocks down the street is legendary.

17 April 2011


This morning my first waking thought was about breakfast. French toast to be exact. My second thought was, "Do I have the ingredients?" Yes I do. The day is starting beautifully.

16 April 2011

Friends: people who know you well, but like you anyway

Today is the Bridgewater Triathlon Club's spring training day (yikes!). Two months ago I didn't know a single person in this group. This morning I'm getting ready to spend the day with friends.

update:  I'm there behind the gentleman in blue :)

06 April 2011

a little thing

Even though it has been in dire need of replacement for over a year, its been one of those purchases that has proven difficult.  Today, my new raspberry pink wallet brings a smile every time I get a glimpse of it.

03 April 2011


The shop windows are lit; hand painted signs announce opening hours and upcoming events. Lunenburg is slowly waking up from its winter slumber.