31 August 2011

always there

I'm glad I called my sister. She always knows just what to say.

30 August 2011


The crickets' gentle chirps float through the open window and lull me to sleep.

28 August 2011

sleepers, awake!

The morning gets off to a slow start and I feel a bit sluggish.   Around noon I finally get around to making coffee.  My vision clears, my task list seems manageable, and I'm ready to go. Oh why did I wait so long?!

Sleepers, Awake! (J.S.Bach)

27 August 2011

a glance back

A year's worth of photographs tell tales of amazing friends and co-workers, laughter, adventures, and general mischief.

23 August 2011

soul food

Six of us sat in the sun filled living room. Our conversation sparkled with ideas, hope, and belief in the communities around us.

18 August 2011

what does summer look like?

Tonight summer looked like a paddle in the ocean, a jump off the dock,  a beer on the ocean, burgers on the BBQ, and freshly made blueberry grunt.

16 August 2011

15 August 2011

hello? hello!

The sound of my friend's voice sweeps away the little troubles of everyday life.

14 August 2011

like never before

We strain every muscle as we try to make the dory slice through the water just a little bit faster. Every thought is about reaching the finish line. We cross and the rush of joy that I feel after working so hard seems stronger than any emotion ever felt before.

11 August 2011

a wee gem

To find a quote that represents what I'm feeling before I could even put it into words myself.