30 August 2007

Lounging, spectacular, and flicker

1. My neighbours' immensely fat cat literally draps himself over the steps to her garden
2. Watching a spectacular sunset flit in and out of view from the train window
3. Being electricity free for two whole days and becoming reaquainted with candle light
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29 August 2007

peace, plans, and night-time pleasures

1. The serenity and quietness that pervades my cousin's cabin

2. The woman sharing my table at the library brings a pile of books on Tuscany, Italy, and France and smiles as she flips through them

3. Sleeping in a bed that has an open window right behind my head and feeling the cool breeze all night long
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21 August 2007

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  1. Being so tired that I could cry and then realizing that it's really okay just to go to bed
  2. An afternoon in my sister's garden taking pictures with my new camera
  3. A set of beautiful coffee cups stacked together on a tray just waiting to be filled

20 August 2007

gliding, freedom, and almost there

  1. Letting my hand gently glide over a boxwood hedge as I run by

  2. The feeling of freedom that comes with being behind a party mask

  3. Pulling the bell for my stop on the long bus ride home

19 August 2007

waiting, market days, and true talent

  1. A long wait for someone gives me time to notice the small details around me, like the vine covered doorway opposite and the woodwork on the stairs
  2. The hustle, bustle, colours, sounds, and smells of an outdoor market
  3. My truly inspirational friend outdoes herself at her stagette selling condoms on the street corner in the name of public health

18 August 2007


Today's beautiful things deserves a post of its own. When I lived in Bristol, my favourite place to go was a coffee/tea house on Park Street called The Boston Tea Party. With its big squishy couches in a noisy upstairs room and its terraced garden, as well as its great teas and lunches, I couldn't stay away. It was where I went to read a book, write a letter, while away the hours, or meet with friends. It was my place. Since moving to Vancouver, I've been searching for a replacement; somewhere not too busy, nor too trendy or commercialized. Somewhere I could call my favourite place. And today I found it! Tucked amongst the modern glass buildings on Ash Street is an old Victorian house that has been converted into a coffee shop called The Daily Perk. Inside, the original woodwork still gleams and the owner serves up a wonderful cup of coffee and the best raisin bran muffin I have had. And up a steap flight of stairs is a big squishy couch, comfy chairs, a small veranda with a table for two, and a funky, sparkly chandelier. In some strange way, today I feel like Vancouver has become just a little more like home.

16 August 2007

it's a wonderful life, music, and viticulture

  1. Last week on my vacation, I overheard two white haired fishermen talking. As one turn to leave, he says to the other, "Well, life for me is pretty good. Every day is like a holiday and every night is like a Saturday night"
  2. I hear music as I'm on the beach. I look up and see a man walking down the boardwalk and playing a harmonica
  3. Wine tasting with my sister at a local vineyard

15 August 2007

feasting, play, and droplets

  1. picking my breakfast right off the blackberry bushes

  2. a child's swing hangs from the branch of an old oak tree

  3. glistening dew drops on lavender bushes

02 August 2007

home spun, ruby red, and waking

  1. a restaurant table with a red checkered cloth
  2. the deep red of our pitcher(s) of sangria
  3. waking up in the cool of a summmer's morning with a smile on my face