21 March 2010

shhh, eek!, and ahhhh

  1. my friend tells me some exciting news. It's a secret right now, but in nine months it won't be!
  2. a mouse surprises me as I open my cupboard. My inner feminist isn't up to the task and my sister goes hunting for the culprit
  3. I spend the night at Jen's place (in part to avoid the mouse) and sigh with contentment as I snuggle under her down comforter

17 March 2010


  1. I'm constantly finding new things to love about working in central Vancouver. Tonight I worked late yet still had time to make it to Ruth's birthday party
  2. There is something about the hubbub and noise of a community centre that I just love. Today I got to see a beautiful new community centre that shares the same building with the health centre. Just like it should be!
  3. I'm working on keeping myself centred and on track with some personal changes. The red leather journal sitting on my coffee table helps

16 March 2010

everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you

Today my weather was a bit like a thunder cloud above my head, but I'm doing better now. And there are still beautiful things, even on grey days:

  1. A line of three people exit the bus, each of them pausing to open their umbrellas with a click and a swoosh before they step onto the pavement
  2. A girl in the apartment building across the street leaves her front door at the same time as me. Her umbrella opens up into a big yellow burst of sunshine
  3. The time has changed and the mornings are dark again as I head to work. The bright light of a bicycle light speeds up street towards me

05 March 2010

tug of war and tell me a story

  1. A black dog is playing tug of war with her leash. The older gentleman holding on doesn't look too impressed, but the dog is having the time of her life
  2. I duck through the coffee shop door and enter into a night of story telling. An unexpected and beautiful evening unfolds, as we listen to ordinary folks telling stories about dancing with pimply teenagers, sharing Toblerone chocolate bars with drug dealers on Christmas Eve, and telling an Inuit man how to dress for the winter.

04 March 2010

hidden garden, ashes to beauty

  1. Abby and I found a new park to eat our lunches in today. We left via a different staircase and discovered that we had actually been eating on a roof top garden! From the street, the garden's hedge looked just like bushy eyebrows above the apartment windows.
  2. A few months ago, my favourite breakfast place burnt down (http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Vancouver+foodies+mourning+Slickity+Chat+Chew/2215220/story.html). The lot has been cleared and sits empty, surrounded by a tall chain link fence. Empty- except for today - four teenagers have cut the fence and are doing skateboard tricks on the foundations.

02 March 2010

quick views

  1. A bike swooshes by me. I see a glimpse of a familiar smile and hear a faint "Hi!"
  2. The magnolia tress have blossomed and bloomed within a week. I spend a silent moment, thankful that I've had the opportunity to enjoy them.
  3. The setting sun alights the west facing glass walls of downtown's high rises