30 March 2007

crunch, thanks dad, and sisterhood

  1. a cold, crunchy apple that squirts juice as I bite into it
  2. my concerned dad ringing to let me know he hasn't quite been able to get all of my money back on my tax return - "your return is less $8, dear"
  3. a friend proudly announces that her sister has started a blog displaying her beautiful handmade cards

29 March 2007

flowers, invigoration, cuppas, and what did you say?

  1. a vase of tulips sitting by my computer reminds me of the tulip fields near my childhood home
  2. feeling like I really really want to get this paper done and deciding to sit down and do it
  3. innumerable cups of steaming hot tea keep me encouraged

and . . .

my supervisor calls me into his office to tell me about a project he will be working on with my practicum supervisor from last summer and the head of a policy agency I have always wanted to work with. he tells me there is lots of funding available for students and suggest this would make a great PhD project

WHAT?!?!?! (I manage not to fall off my chair)

26 March 2007

Hope, beginnings, and stop awhile

  1. a friend who loves me and gives me hope
  2. people are gathering at the local park for the first baseball practice of the season
  3. a lady with a small dog has stopped to chat with a white haired man sitting on a bench

25 March 2007

Release, vivid, and free time

  1. As soon as the rain stopped yesterday I bolted outside, feeling like I had been freed
  2. With all this rain, the world has erupted into an almost gaudy green brilliance
  3. A cancelled evening out means free time to sort some papers and create some order in the chaos

23 March 2007


The name of today's beautiful thing? Cari. My friend, who despite obstacles that have made me want to hide in a hole, has allowed her dreams to lead her to where she is and where she is going. The path hasn't always been easy or straightforward, but she's kept on it. The thing about Cari is that she has passion . . . for life, for beauty, for creation. And that's what makes her beautiful. Cheers to you, Carolyn!

. . . and look at those legs!

21 March 2007

time, room with a view, and plans

  1. This morning I've been at home and have had time to clean up and organize. I can see the top of my desk and I'm starting to feel like I may be ready to start writing my next paper!
  2. A friend's place has a beautiful view of the harbour and the sunset.
  3. Plans to go out with friends to hear some music make me want to work hard and get things done so I can go.

19 March 2007

defiance, laughter, and real food

  1. it's a grey and foggy day, but a lady with a shockingly bright pink umbrella casts a glow all around her
  2. the lady in the car next to me is laughing so hard she is crying
  3. over to a friend's house for dinner and real food - a rare event in the life of a student

18 March 2007

family, friends, and felines

  1. My sister came to spend the weekend with me. We laughed, made so much noise that the landlord called down, and generally had a great time. Sometimes I don't see my family for so long that I forget how wonderful they are
  2. An evening out with a friend for a drink - refreshing, as it has been ages since I was out
  3. A cat sits in an open window, gazing at the world as if she has plans for overthrowing the government

15 March 2007

blooms, beat, and best things

  1. The cherry blossoms are out and the world is a pink and white bride
  2. A young man waiting to cross the road is beating on a drum
  3. A patient says she wouldn't trade having cancer for anything because of how it has brought her family together

06 March 2007

security, seasons, mental health break, and attitude

  1. A father craddles his young son in his arms as they go up the path to their house
  2. A warm, soft day. When I think of spring, I think of soft, gentle air - today I felt like the air was cushioning me
  3. A two week break from assignments! Although the midterm today was NOT a beautiful thing, I have two whole weeks with no school deadlines!

and a bonus beautiful thing . . .

I was listening to a radio interview with a gentleman attempting to fly solo from England to Australia - blind. He said that he decided that he could do this when he realized the problem wasn't being blind, it was his attitude: "I'm still as blind as a bat, but I'm a happy bat."

04 March 2007

Laugh, latte, and dutch treats

  1. A hilarious comic on graduate school kept me smiling for hours
  2. A late night naughty latte in a pretty cup to keep the midnight fires burning (assignment due tomorrow)
  3. I stopped in at the local Dutch Delicatesen yesterday and bought a package of my favourite treats - Siroopwafelen. Pure sugar, pure bliss

03 March 2007

young at heart, indomitable, and cheery welcome

  1. An elderly Chinese lady sits swinging her legs on a bus-stop bench
  2. Crocuses and snowdrops proudly growing amidst the piles of earth in an excavated front lawn
  3. Bright red painted steps leading up to a beautiful old home