29 March 2011

sing in the spring

It's a blue eyed day here in Lunenburg and there's a new warmth in the air.  A woman stands singing in front of her second storey window; I can't help but think she's singing in the Spring.

28 March 2011

the best part of my day

Ian Sherwood and Coco Love Alcorn have teamed up to bring an amazing night of music to another house concert on the South Shore.  The is room full of serious looking faces that light up when the music starts.  Beside me, a particularly solemn couple sit in silence throughout the first set. Then Coco sings her new song, "Best Part of My Day" and I see their hands intertwine.

25 March 2011

winter wash out

A winter's worth of toques, scarves, and mittens are hanging from my neighbour's clothesline.  I imagine them packed away clean and fresh smelling for next season.

22 March 2011

finding stars

"When you set out on a journey and night covers the road, that’s when you discover the stars."  - Nancy Willard

Today's stars appear in the form of a shared joke with my brother and a quick note from a friend saying she's hanging in there too.

21 March 2011

brunswick brunchers

I spend a lazy afternoon chatting and nibbling on Sunday brunch.  Around me is a group of people whom I know will become good friends.

20 March 2011

up close

Meaghan Smith enchants the group gathered in the living room.  My first Maritime house concert is magical.

17 March 2011

first scents

Encouraged to experience the South Shore beaches,  this past Sunday I went to Hirtles Beach.  The shoreline was beautiful, but my prevailing memory will be the sweet scent of heather winding its way amongst the headland's rocks and moors.

16 March 2011


Admittedly, this move has been harder than I expected. I'm struggling a bit to find my way and I feel stretched in many respects.  Then came tonight's swim practice, a stretching experience to say the least. I completed it, despite many moments of doubt. If can do the swim, maybe I can make this east coast life work too. I'll take it as a sign.

10 March 2011

a bed!

A new bed is sitting my bedroom. It's soft and warm and is inviting me to come in for a snuggle.  It's going to be a good sleep tonight.

04 March 2011

out with the old, in the new

I reply to an online ad for a mattress and end up spending the evening with the lovely Norm and Rose.  They are moving out of their summer home and are delighted to open each cupboard with, "Well, you must need one of these."  Of course I do.

03 March 2011

on the shelf

Growing up, the wine glasses were always on the top shelf, just out of reach for easy use and definitely not practical for every day.  Unthinkingly, I've carried on the tradition until today.  In this house, open the cupboard and the wine glasses are the first thing you see.

02 March 2011

here I am

Thanks to the help of new friends,  I am settled in my new place.  A feeling of complete relief washes over me. I've made it.