08 July 2008

weekend away

A weekend away with friends leaves lots of beautiful memories.

  1. Discovering an old church tucked up on a hillside overlooking the ocean and rambling through the graveyard just as the sun is setting.
  2. Combining cleanliness with inspiration in the outdoor treehouse shower
  3. Glimpsing an orange-red sunset through the trees and meandering through the woods until we come to the water's edge just in time to see the last drops of sunshine.

03 July 2008

friends, mario, and sanctuaries

  1. Three girls sit on an outside patio, laughing and looking like they are having the time of their lives together
  2. Mario my Italian coffee shop man, who always says Ciao Bella! when I (and every other woman) walk in the door and who loves giving out powerful mixtures of whipping cream and espresso topped with chocolate sauce (is there a name for this?)
  3. Coffee shop sanctuaries that provide cool relief from my oh-so-hot third floor apartment