30 November 2011

wake up call

With the autumn time change has come the luck of waking up to the sunrise.  Flick back the curtain and the pinks and golds of morning are there to great me.

29 November 2011

first day out

It's the first day of lobster season on the South Shore. At the stroke of 7 o'clock, the harbour pulses with excitement as the boats race each other out, each vying to lay their traps in the best grounds.

28 November 2011

oh christmas tree

Lunenburg's county-grown Christmas tree fills the town bandstand. Around it, smaller trees burn red, blue, green, and yellow.  For one moment our voices lower and we stop, remembering what it felt like to be a child under the Christmas tree.

27 November 2011

hanging in there

Amongst the snow covered trees, a row of apples clings to their branch, refusing to let go of the last trace of fall.

16 November 2011

on display

The colourful swim caps of my team mates make a bright display as they bob up and down in the water.

13 November 2011

laundry line culture

A chance comment from a coworker has me comparing how clothes are hung on the line.  In my co-worker's community, everyone sorts by colour.  In another friend's home town, they hung items by size. From what I've seen so far, people around here sort by type of item.  It feels like an unspoken piece of culture  - that whatever way Saturday washing is hung up to dry, it's not random.

11 November 2011

take no notice of the rain

The wind sends shudders throughout the house while the rain washes over the windows. Out of doors is anything but calm.  Taking no notice, two gulls come swooping in over the harbour, floating serenely amongst the storm.

07 November 2011

there's no accounting for taste

To eat orange marmalade after a gap of about 20 years and find that I now like it very much.

02 November 2011

the reset button

A somewhat frustrating conversation leaves me sighing over my desk. In comes my colleague with a choice of daily inspirations. I choose one on gratitude and restart my day.

01 November 2011

cooking up trouble

We've both moved to opposite ends of country in the past year and haven't actually worked together in two. But when we decide we want to create a project together, the miles disappear and we're back to making magic. Can't wait, L.K!