31 May 2007

melodious, dust diamonds, and welcomed guest

  1. the sound of my neighbour playing the piano
  2. as I lay on the couch listening to my neighbour, I notice that the slant of the sun is making the particles of dust in the air glitter like diamonds
  3. even though I told him not to come, my brother drives the more than an hour to my place because I'm not feeling well

30 May 2007

anticipation, sparkle, and good, clean fun

  1. making up my bed with freshly laundered sheets and anticipating climbing in at night
  2. as I open the cupboard door, the sun catches the glassware and makes it sparkle
  3. an evening with friends spent playing croquet on a grassy knoll near the beach

29 May 2007

on the steps, discovery, and mysterious

  1. I take my breakfast outside and sit on the steps to enjoy the morning sun
  2. I've discovered a new author. I'm only halfway through this book and I'm already planning my trip to the library to look for more of her works
  3. A hike up Elk Mountain in the mist and rain lends an air of mystery to the tall evergreens and dark green ferns

23 May 2007

on the court, summer sounds, and new life

  1. the first tennis game of the year

  2. the sound of a neighbour mowing his lawn in the evening

  3. my geranium that nearly died of starvation in April is blooming

22 May 2007

enduring, rumble, and journey home

  1. I pass under an avenue of massive oak trees on my walk home from work and wonder about all the other people that have passed this way before me

  2. The rumble of cars on brick streets

  3. Choosing the long but beautiful way home over the shorter, less inspirational way

21 May 2007

worth the climb, connection, and treasure chest

  1. a short, invigorating hike up the Stawamus Chief brings us to a rocky summit with panoramic views of the valley and ocean

  2. spending time connecting with a new friend

  3. I see a little boy reaching into a cooler and pulling out a grape Crush pop. His eyes are shining with excitement

20 May 2007

security, not in the forecast, and new adventures

  1. being willing to tip upside down into the ocean while strapped in a kayak because I know my friend is there and she is watching out for me

  2. after a squall of rain in the morning, the sky clears up and the sun shines - despite the weatherman's dire warnings

  3. making plans to go hiking with new friends

17 May 2007

treasure tree, morning tea, and vantage point

  1. Last week I saw a little boy playing up in a tree. As I walk past the tree this week, I see he has secreted many different treasures in the branches- including an ice pick, a shovel, and a basket.
  2. A couple, still in their housecoats, are having morning tea (or coffee?) out on their front porch.
  3. I sit on a different side of the train, and as we cross over the bridge I get a whole new view of the river.

02 May 2007

long-time friends, giggling girls, and smooth as glass

I'm back home from my retreat. My time away was better than I even imagined - and even though I didn't do all the things I had wanted to (like figure out the rest of my life), I did come away with peace and joy for the future - whatever it holds. AND I have a whole pocketful of beautiful things stored up to share!
  1. When I was small, I had a book about a boy called Orlando and his "long-time friends" and "little-while friends" - this weekend I was once again reminded of my wonderful long-time friends and the comfort that comes from having people who know me well (and still stick by me!)
  2. As I'm walking at the beach on Sunday, I hear two girls laughing. They come closer, and I realize I know them. Soon I'm joining in on the laughter too.
  3. I look down from the bridge I cross to get to work and see the river as calm and smooth as glass.