02 May 2007

long-time friends, giggling girls, and smooth as glass

I'm back home from my retreat. My time away was better than I even imagined - and even though I didn't do all the things I had wanted to (like figure out the rest of my life), I did come away with peace and joy for the future - whatever it holds. AND I have a whole pocketful of beautiful things stored up to share!
  1. When I was small, I had a book about a boy called Orlando and his "long-time friends" and "little-while friends" - this weekend I was once again reminded of my wonderful long-time friends and the comfort that comes from having people who know me well (and still stick by me!)
  2. As I'm walking at the beach on Sunday, I hear two girls laughing. They come closer, and I realize I know them. Soon I'm joining in on the laughter too.
  3. I look down from the bridge I cross to get to work and see the river as calm and smooth as glass.

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cari said...

I missed your call...hot bubblebath.