28 April 2010

flash, soon, and trove

  1. Flash of light; the wind has blown the curtains aside and the sun is pouring in
  2. Backyard garden makes my fingers ache for the soil
  3. A collection of valuable items discovered or found; this corner store sells homemade oatmeal, fresh perogies, and gardening supplies. The kids area says that dad and mom aren't allowed

27 April 2010

what's in that tree, overflow, talk back

  1. The tree in William's front garden is loaded with the neighbourhood's lost treasures - a doll, a mirror, plastic toys, and ribbons
  2. My bookshelves and coffee table are overflowing with good wishes sent in the form of flowers and cards
  3. Carmen's voice on the other end of the phone: "This is not the end, even if this does not work out, this is not the end, this just a step . . . " I take a deep breath and am ready to try again.

18 April 2010

ethereal, switch, and now

  1. During the day, the cherry blossoms look pink and over blown, obvious in their beauty. They turn into mysteries a night, faint echos of lands far away
  2. At night, the tree looks like it is covered in thousands of white blossoms. The morning's walk reveals tiny green buds jutting out from behind the new leaves
  3. No more waiting, spring has come wrapped up in every leaf and blossom

17 April 2010


This beautiful clip was sent to me by Sarah, my friend who attracts beautiful things like bees to honey.

This is a video that was submitted in a contest by a 20-year old.
So simple and yet so brilliant.
Take a minute and watch it.



14 April 2010

clean and tidy, surprise! and back soon

  1. Carmen's being staying with me for a few days. I walk in the door and see that she's tidied the house and left things sparkly
  2. Food's kept in the oven or fridge these days due to a moth infestation. I open the oven door and see Carmen's left the cookies for me
  3. The empty apartment isn't so bad because I know she's coming back soon

11 April 2010

pink, spring snow, and raven's swish

  1. As I drive over the crest of the bridge towards the city, I see a line of pink stretching out in front of me. It's cherry blossom time on the tree lined streets of south Vancouver
  2. Pam and I head up to Mount Seymour for a day of snowshoeing. The sky is bright blue, the air is warm, and the snow is perfect
  3. At the top of the mountain, a daring raven steals another hiker's lunch. Its wings swish through the air as it swoops towards a tree branch, lands, and investigates its prize

08 April 2010

hey mikey, I like it!

Normally I avoid any email forwards like the plague, whether or not they are guaranteed to bring me love, long life, or happiness. I have gone so far as to ban my mother from sending me anymore singing cats or illustrated poems. But there's an exception to every rule. HKatz did this list of likes/dislikes over on her blog, The Sill of the World and I decided to play too.

I thought it would be difficult to make this many definitive statements about myself, but I did it! The idea is to fill in your own word after each like and dislike. And since I definitely dislike email forwards, I will NOT tag anyone on this, but if you would like to participate of your own volition, please feel free!

I like being silly
I like phone calls
I like adventures
I like catching a stranger's eye and sharing a smile
I like making a friend in the grocery store line up
I like hearing people's stories
I like listening and summarizing what people have said
I like having new ideas
I love acceptance
Today was an unexpected pleasure
I dislike having to talk too much
I dislike presumptions
I dislike gossip
I dislike cattiness
I dislike how lettuce wilts so quickly
I dislike inequity
I (secretly) wish to be a jazz singer

07 April 2010

happy feet, welcome to my garden, and Easter view

  1. I wiggle my toes with happiness as I put on my fuzzy, red socks
  2. The neighbour's children have painted a sign welcoming the bees to their garden . . . "Dear Bees, we hope you find . . . "
  3. On Easter morning I drive to cousin Debora's flat to pick her up for dinner. I'm a few minutes early and park the car on a street with a view to the sparkling white mountains, fresh with new snow. CBC Radio Two is on and I listen to Bach's Mass in B minor. The mountains and music meet and I close my eyes in wonder

03 April 2010

tea, chocolate, and more chocolate

  1. the label reads, "a fine ceylon tea infused with almonds for the nutty at heart." Appropriate and delicious
  2. easter eggs wrapped in shiny blue tin foil
  3. I buy myself the same type of chocolate bunny as Lynda, Sarah, and I had on last year's easter road trip and relive the memories as I nibble on its ears

02 April 2010

view from my pink chair

I bought a bright pink chair at a yard sale last year. Lynda and I were going to eat breakfast on a hot Saturday morning in July and in between the eggs benny and hashbrowns, I bought the chair. I was promised that it would bring good luck in love. From its spot facing the balcony, today I see:
  1. tiny birds exploring my planters and perching on the railings
  2. a twirling silver exhaust fan (I think) on the neighbour's roof. It looks like a spaceship about to take off
  3. The bright green tips of the tree branches swaying with the wind