08 April 2010

hey mikey, I like it!

Normally I avoid any email forwards like the plague, whether or not they are guaranteed to bring me love, long life, or happiness. I have gone so far as to ban my mother from sending me anymore singing cats or illustrated poems. But there's an exception to every rule. HKatz did this list of likes/dislikes over on her blog, The Sill of the World and I decided to play too.

I thought it would be difficult to make this many definitive statements about myself, but I did it! The idea is to fill in your own word after each like and dislike. And since I definitely dislike email forwards, I will NOT tag anyone on this, but if you would like to participate of your own volition, please feel free!

I like being silly
I like phone calls
I like adventures
I like catching a stranger's eye and sharing a smile
I like making a friend in the grocery store line up
I like hearing people's stories
I like listening and summarizing what people have said
I like having new ideas
I love acceptance
Today was an unexpected pleasure
I dislike having to talk too much
I dislike presumptions
I dislike gossip
I dislike cattiness
I dislike how lettuce wilts so quickly
I dislike inequity
I (secretly) wish to be a jazz singer


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