30 October 2011

24 October 2011

one more smile

We've immunized what feels like half the town tonight.  The line-ups have been long and we've been hours without a break. But each time I look up at a new face, there's a smile waiting there for me.

19 October 2011

when we can't do it alone

When family and friends' visits coincide with life events, little or big, everything seems easier.   This time it's mice in the attic. Thank you, Chris. I wouldn't want to do this one alone!

17 October 2011


He has the gifts of patience, teaching, generosity, and time.  But my kayak building mentor's greatest gift is his enthusiasm for seeing me at the workbench, creating something new.

16 October 2011

it's community here

There is a long, high bulletin board along one wall in the building in which I work.  Each Monday it's cleared of its notices and posters. By Wednesday, it's full again with invitations to firehall breakfasts, dances, music jams, and ham and baked bean suppers.  This is community and it is alive and well.

13 October 2011

too much information?

Just like all teenagers, my nephew is not always the most forthcoming in his conversations. But today his email was full of details about his new girlfriend - and their favourite kissing spot.

04 October 2011