26 July 2011

all it takes

Sometimes all it takes to make the day better is a glass of milk and a chocolate chip cookie.

22 July 2011

miracles needed and found

There's not enough of the rhubarb lemonade that I made for the Festival tomorrow. I'll need it to expand miraculously overnight. But I have found a room full of welcoming people who cheerfully squeeze lemons for me and introduce me to the local delicacy of hodge podge.

21 July 2011

Tea with Town Criers

I couldn't have anticipated it, but today I had the most wonderful visit in the home of the Town's official Crier.  He's eager to make the 'Cry' sound just right. And of course he'll bring his bell to the parade.

19 July 2011

we got it!

Something happened last Thursday morning.   Was it a different rhythm or a better flick of the wrist? We don't know, but our dory is just flying down the harbour now!

15 July 2011

the story teller

We sit spellbound as he tells us about people and communities in other places. I can feel my heart pounding  as he weaves a tale about the police station, a missing man, and a guardian angel. He's taken us on a journey and I come back full of ideas, energy, and hope. 

13 July 2011

everything I need

My mind and my camera are full with good memories of the past two weeks with family.  But the most beautiful thing of all was opening the front door and knowing instantly that this space is exactly where I am supposed to be right now.