23 February 2009

rose coloured glasses

  1. Margaret has new glasses that tint the world a rosy pink when she looks out of them at just the right angle
  2. I come back from a phone call to find a bag of steaming popcorn waiting for me
  3. I've been watching my pregnant office mate's belly grow and change. This week the baby has produced an interesting triangle shaped knot

18 February 2009

fast, smooth, and completed

  1. A fast run with energy to spare leaves me feeling excited for my coming race
  2. A smooth chocoate heart melts on my tongue
  3. The last length of the pool. As I reach towards the edge I know I can now trust myself to finish the race

15 February 2009

signs of spring

1. Bright paint splashes across the walls, doors, and windows of the breakfast cafe

2. Snippets of crocuses peek out from the earth

3. I walk the garden paths and listen to the silence of growing things preparing themselves for spring
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14 February 2009

bits and pieces

  1. I eat my dinner standing by the window. Every time I look up, the sky has changed to different and bolder shades of pink and orange
  2. My Saturday is free and I have no tasks or schedules to fill it up
  3. I engineered an encounter with someone I admire - and I hope it leads to more

03 February 2009


  1. An attic light clicks on against the approaching evening
  2. Soft memories of hours spent up in attic fortresses
  3. I still can't think of a childhood friend's attic without shivering at a memory of being marooned there, terrified of her ferocious rabbit snarling on the stairs.

01 February 2009

lost and found

  1. I love to collect things from neighbourhood alleys. Today I find a pair of bright blue shoes perfect for dancing. They're just my size.
  2. The gurgle of rain water rushing down the storm drains creates a sound like music deep within the pipes. I wonder for just a second if there is singing coming from underground.
  3. The calm before guests arrive. The house is clean, the dinner ready. I sit and relax.