28 January 2009

green for go

  1. Four blocks in a row have pedestrian controlled crossing lights and all are flashing green at the same time
  2. I sneak into a colleague's office before turning the lights on and gaze at a spectacular sunrise
  3. Picking out the rum ball from a white box of pastries

25 January 2009


Snippets of conversations heard on a Sunday morning's walk:

  1. (from a girl hurrying down the street with her mobile at her ear) "oh really? we must have been trying to phone each other at the same time . . . I wanted to talk to you"
  2. (two neighbours meeting in the street) "I'm glad I saw you. I made a delicious dessert that I want to share with you"

18 January 2009

out and about

  1. After almost a week of thick foggy days, it's sunny outside. Neighbours pour out onto the streets, soaking up the light.
  2. In the community centre across the street men and women are carefully watching their feet as they move around the room. Salsa dancing lessons have begun.
  3. The fog was still heavy this morning for my cycling group. We peer into the mist as it swirls and envelops us one by one.

16 January 2009


  1. A hard week's work in an intensive course comes to an end with a class cheer and promises to keep in touch
  2. I eagerly stretch my hand out towards the end of the pool after more laps than I ever thought possible
  3. I fearfully approach a difficult conversation. Later, I recount the situation to a friend, proud of my actions

15 January 2009


  1. Muffled by the thick fog, cars appear and disappear almost silently.
  2. The blond lady across the classroom is a private investigator. I day dream about her secret adventures all morning.
  3. Internal changes never spoken. Mysterious in their growth and passion.