31 August 2008

strains, secret parties, and new side

  1. Hearing the strains of banjo and fiddle, I glance out of my friend's front door. Leaning back in old rusty lawn chairs are two musicians, happily filling the street with music.

  2. I pass the neighbourhood toy store just as two workers are locking up. I glance in the window and imagine that the toys are just waiting for the all clear before starting their nightly revelry.

  3. I come across an acquaintance's website that features her art and feel like I know her just a little bit better.

turning, last, and forward

  1. The air is crisp and the sun is glinting off leaves tinged with red. Autumn is in the air.

  2. The outdoor pool across the street is closing today and I jump in for one last swim. There are only four of us in the pool, the sun is shining, and the air is cool.

  3. This morning I wrote and sent an email that I've been thinking about writing for nearly a year. Maybe I'll take voice lessons this fall.

19 August 2008

a good read

  1. Just as I glance up, the woman across the train aisle smiles at something in the book she is reading

  2. A cheap mystery and an ice cream cone keep me company on a lonely ferry ride back home

  3. The pleasure of picking up a well worn book and knowing that the story is familiar and comforting

18 August 2008

fragrant, steam works, and familiar smile

  1. Red, blue and yellow alpine flowers line the trail and fill the air with a sweet and hot fragrance
  2. In my search for wakefulness I meander into a coffee shop. I'm just in time to see steaming hot water pouring abundantly from a copper pipe and into the coffee machine
  3. Completely unexpectedly, I see a face I recognize from a life time ago. Mr Cooper, my high school janitor, still shares a friendly smile and a kind word

07 August 2008

up, up, and away

  1. A balloon floats out of the sunroof of a car passing by. Inside I see a child's hand clinging tightly to the string
  2. I look down from the train as it crosses the river. Below me on the beach I see a bright yellow sun umbrella in the shape of a sunflower, placed right where I've often thought would be a great place to sit.
  3. As I walk into the park across the street, I hear music. Standing in the grass is a man playing jazz on his trombone