28 February 2007

juxtaposition, crunch, and feedback

  1. Walking through the snow covered Academic Quadrangle and hearing a bird trilling a springy kind of song
  2. Hearing that particular crunch - squeak? - that snow makes when you walk over it
  3. Fearfully getting my reviews from the class I TA'd last semester (I've been told there is nothing more brutle than TA reviews), but they're all (but one) good!

26 February 2007

Winter wonderland, showing off, and help

  1. An unexpected snowfall today! Beautiful, crisp, and white, it was a winter wonderland up on the mountain
  2. Towards dusk, the sky clears and the sun hits the snow-covered mountains, turning them pink and gold
  3. Two girls sitting together at a table; one is explaining the complexities of a subject (maybe statistics?) to another

25 February 2007

Sunday morning, coffee, and blue sky

  1. Even though I'll be busy today, there's just something special about a Sunday morning. It's quiet and peaceful outside while inside people are sipping coffee, reading papers, and making plans for their Sunday ramble
  2. Hot, milky coffee. I'm usually a tea drinker, so when I do make coffee, it's a treat
  3. Blue sky after what feels like ages of cold, slushy rain and wind

24 February 2007

Three Beautiful Things

I've been reading a daily account of beautiful things as seen by a woman in England. She's inspired me to look around and see the beauty in my own life. People . . . things . . . words, whatever - anything can be beautiful if seen from the right perspective. I've been enjoying this new adventure and finding that I'm seeing many more than three beautiful things in a day! So here's my own list, created during my daily travellings to and fro.
  1. A phone call from a friend, who tells me "Kop op" - Dutch for "keep your head up"
  2. A visit from mom and dad involving fresh made-in-the-Valley yogurt
  3. Snow falling on the white spring flowers in my flowerpots

The original "Three Beautiful Things" blogspot is here: http://threebeautifulthings.blogspot.com/