28 February 2010

sights at night

Damara and I went running tonight after the Olympic closing ceremonies. The streets were alive with laughter and energy:
  1. By the water, we pass under the English Bay light show (http://www.ctvolympics.ca/about-vancouver/news/newsid=20625.html). Beams of light slice through the sky and create an magical arch for us to run through.
  2. Passing beside an outdoor stage, we hear a lone guitarist strumming as he looks out over the ocean.
  3. Back along the sea wall, the sky is lit with fireworks from all directions.

25 February 2010

let the sun shine in

Coming from my previous job spent in a windowless office, I:
  1. often sneak peaks out the windows just to revel in the view
  2. am constantly amazed at the bright light shining in through the windows
  3. have been caught staring at the clouds

24 February 2010

singing along

The women next to me at tonight's Moscow State Chamber Choir performance knows all the words to the songs. She tells me that "Steppe, Steppe Around" is a sad story of a lorry driver dying in the steppes. He tells his mother and father that he loves them and charges his friend to give his wife his wedding ring. The encore song is all about summer evenings in the outskirts of Moscow. I can feel the summer breeze as she describes the scene.

23 February 2010

noise and concrete

  1. The sudden calm startles us as Damara and I turn the corner and walk away from the busy roadway
  2. I think about all the concrete surrounding me in the city, then close my eyes and imagine my walk if I was in New Denver
  3. In a few short weeks the view from the deck will go from grey to green

22 February 2010

sky walking

Today I glanced up as I crossed underneath the Granville Street bridge. The sun cast the shadow of a person walking on the deck of the bridge onto the side of the building across from me. It was magical to see a person sky walking across the building facade.

16 February 2010

Walking Commute

Clare over at Three Beautiful Things talked about her non-commute today. I too have been discovering the pleasures of the new commute that came with my new job. For the first time since moving to Vancouver in 2007, I'm walking to work. I feel like I'm getting to know the city I live in:
  1. The daily growth of the snowdrops and tulips in the garden catches my eye each morning
  2. A whole street of houses I had never seen before keeps me entertained as I start to recognize their order and eccentricities
  3. A park called Choklit Park! Who could resist? And even better - it was the site of the old Purdy's Chocolate Factory. I'm going to look for lost easter eggs tomorrow. http://vancouver.ca/parkfinder_wa/index.cfm?fuseaction=FAC.ParkDetails&park_id=224