16 February 2010

Walking Commute

Clare over at Three Beautiful Things talked about her non-commute today. I too have been discovering the pleasures of the new commute that came with my new job. For the first time since moving to Vancouver in 2007, I'm walking to work. I feel like I'm getting to know the city I live in:
  1. The daily growth of the snowdrops and tulips in the garden catches my eye each morning
  2. A whole street of houses I had never seen before keeps me entertained as I start to recognize their order and eccentricities
  3. A park called Choklit Park! Who could resist? And even better - it was the site of the old Purdy's Chocolate Factory. I'm going to look for lost easter eggs tomorrow. http://vancouver.ca/parkfinder_wa/index.cfm?fuseaction=FAC.ParkDetails&park_id=224

1 comment:

HKatz said...

I also have the privilege of being able to walk to work :) Even when you get to know the streets, there are new things every day, new people, it's a rediscovery.

Choklit Park does sound delicious, as do the sight of snowdrops and tulips. I'm looking forward to more flowers where I live.

Lovely blog; I'm glad I came across it (I'm here via a link on the 3BT blog run by Clare from the UK).