27 July 2007

in the moment, tree-tops, and conversations

  1. I while away the time, watching the wind play in the leaves of the trees just outside the open windows of my new favourite coffee shop

  2. Apartment balconies that open up into near-by tree-tops seem like grown-up tree-houses to me

  3. Sparkling conversation at an open-air cafe. I sit back and take in the warm air, music, lights, and artwork on the walls as my friends tackle weighty subjects and solve the world's problems

26 July 2007

morning, night, and noon

  1. being woken by the sun creeping through my window blinds and warming my face
  2. gazing at the stars on a warm summer's night
  3. the heat at noon day means the neighbourhood is quiet and still as people relax indoors

25 July 2007

abundance, wandering, and climbers

  1. overflowing fruit baskets at the local farmers market
  2. a summer's evening spent wandering the quiet streets
  3. purple clematis clinging to a lightpost

21 July 2007

life is like, party time, and time well wasted

  1. a bowl of fresh cherries sits on my counter. I can pick out the biggest ones first because I'm the only one eating them

  2. a mum and dad struggle into the local community centre with balloons, gifts, and decorations galore while their child prances at their feet

  3. a wet day spent inside with a book, a blanket, and a cup of coffee

02 July 2007

warm welcome, inspiration, and theme song

  1. My brother is happy to hear that I'm coming over in the evening and says "Come as soon as you can"
  2. Looking over a pile of new books to read
  3. A line from a song that we played in the car on Saturday keeps running through my head: "I'll take my chances, I'll take my chances every chance I get" and I think that this is my new mantra