31 October 2010

spooks 'n such

  1. Evidence of my neighbour's Hallowe'en costume greats me as I walk down the stairs and out on to the street. Do the white feathers mean she's an angel or a chicken?
  2. Lynda's neighbours gather on a front lawn to watch the local fireworks. "He's been doing this for 18 years."
  3. Everyone else is looking up. I look around me and see the red and green flashes light their faces

28 October 2010

looking for new

My daily surroundings become so much more interesting when I cast my eyes around for a new way of seeing something familiar. Today it's the bright red maple framing the view down the street towards work's local coffee shop. I've never seen Wicked Cafe in the fall before.

24 October 2010

pass the lozenges

I wake up with a sore throat and hear that the others have too. Fright Night at the PNE was a screaming success!

21 October 2010

this house is my house

Recently I joined the community board of the Mt. Pleasant Neighbourhood House. I see the passion on the other members' faces as we sit across the table from each other, eagerly imagining how this place can become a hub of belonging in the community. I smile and feel like I belong already.

18 October 2010

all in the family

Legendary Noodle is all but empty when I rush in near closing time. The family and staff are having dinner at the back, laughing and relaxed. Their chatter and the clang of their dishes makes me feel like I've joined an intimate family meal.

14 October 2010


A crashing wave of joy washes over me when I learn I have an unexpected evening at home tonight. Domestic duties fill my evening and I go to bed feeling pleasantly tired from my accomplishments.

10 October 2010

achievement and it's after effects

  1. Looking at my watch I am thrilled to see that I will make the time goal I've been too afraid to say out loud. The last 500 metres go by quickly and the roar of the crowd is just for me.
  2. A whole group of us have boarded the bus in Victoria at the same time. We've crossed the water on the ferry and taken the skytrain back into Vancouver. We are bound by our tell-tale blue race bags and progressively stiff strides.

09 October 2010

shroom where you are planted

Tucked behind the construction site's orange fencing squat five perfect fairy-tale mushrooms; their umbrella caps are spotted brown and white.

02 October 2010

a hit of happy

Somewhere between 17th and 18th Avenues, I got hit with a wave of happy - true contentment and excitement about where life may lead. I followed that up with a trip to Hawkers's Delight where the veggie fritters caused yet another layer of happiness.