16 April 2007

Rest, a retreat, and rejuvenation

I'm going to Rivendell, a beautiful retreat centre on Bowen Island, for the next two weeks. I'm seeking rest for my mind and my body, and direction for my soul. Can't wait!

08 April 2007

Getting into the spirit of things, spring showers, and telephone wires

  1. Every last inch of a house in my neighbourhood has been decorated for Easter . . . eggs hanging from trees, flowers in baskets, large bunnies strewn across the lawn . . . as I pass, I stop, amazed
  2. As I leave for a run, a gentle rain starts up. Just as the wind starts blowing and the rain really starts pelting, I'm home
  3. A row of blackbirds sitting on a telephone wire

05 April 2007

sweet, square dancing, and smack

  1. The air smells sweet when I go outside, especially when I walk under the flowering cherry trees
  2. A group of white haired ladies stand around in their square dancing skirts, gossiping like they probably did when they were 16
  3. The sound of a baseball smacking into a glove