28 June 2011


To hear passion in someone's voice as they talk and to feel myself starting to share their excitement.

27 June 2011

planting outside the lines

Truth be told, I've been a little uncomfortable with the vegetables coming up any which way, without clear row markers to tell me where to weed and where to hoe.  Then tonight we explore the garden together at sunset  and uncover the unexpected, like sunflowers with the garlic and chard with the peas.  There's a strange beauty that comes with weeds and crooked patterns.  So much for rows!

26 June 2011

please pass the butter

The air is bright with conversation and laughter as we come through the doors.  Seats are pulled out for us and there are nods of recognition. Within seconds, volunteers serve the meal while firefighters pour coffee with a joke and a smile. Supper at the firehall gives another glimpse of  community in Nova Scotia.

24 June 2011

then and now

Three months ago we ran in wind, fog, and rain. Last night the sun gently flooded the track with light and warmth.

17 June 2011

knock knock

Is someone there? I race down the stairs to find Liane has come to check on me. The evening goes from humdrum to delightful. There never was a sound so lovely as a (friendly) knock on the door.

14 June 2011

oh the places she'll go

We hang up from our call and I know things are shifting once again; she'll be across an ocean now. Even though we've been provinces apart for almost two years, it's hard to say goodbye.  Then thoughts of future intercontinental shenanigans come to mind. I smile. What's an ocean to these two squirrels?

12 June 2011

cheering section

They're waiting for me as I round the first corner and struggle through the last one. Thanks for the cheering section, MacDonald's!

11 June 2011

you look fabulous, darling

To look in the mirror and see that the new hair cut looks wonderful. Thanks, Bryan!

10 June 2011

new magic

The first of this season's tall ships comes gliding into the harbour. Later, we row by in our dory and wave at the tired looking crew relaxing on deck.

06 June 2011

things will get better

Hot on the heels of my great day yesterday, today felt a bit grey.  Looking for perspective, I trolled through my music library and found my answer:  Things Will Get Better

05 June 2011

full to the brim

Some days feel like gifts from morning to end, and the sunshine that greeted me this morning was the first sign that today was going to be special.  An early morning swim, an incredible bike ride by the ocean, time in the community garden, friends over for dinner, and a concert at the fire hall . . .  what a day!

03 June 2011

a small reminder

Sometimes a little, pleasurable habit gets laid aside and forgotten for awhile. Then when it's rediscovered, I wonder how it ever slipped away. This happens often with avocados. But tonight I remembered how wonderful it is to have a glass of wine with dinner.

02 June 2011

losing track

Two hours fly by as our oars dip and splash in the water. Dory practice with my new partner is amazing, topped off with laughter and a promise to be back in the boat tomorrow.

01 June 2011

just right

Purple lilacs against a yellow house, sailboats in the harbour, the wind whisking clouds against the blue sky, and ice cream in the freezer.