22 March 2008

Extraordinary Friends

  1. Seeing a group of friends again after being apart for too long and feeling like we'd never been separated
  2. Knowing that there are people in this world who love me despite my many foibles
  3. Helping myself to a second serving of my friend's most extraordinarily divine cheesecake

19 March 2008

glitz, glam, and good food

  1. The gold and jewel encrusted plastic panda that waves at me from the front counter of a Vietnamese restaurant makes me do a double and then a triple take.
  2. The joy of finally finding an equivalent vermicelli dish to the one I was addicted to in Calgary (at the above named restaurant).
  3. Dropping in at a promising looking bakery/deli and finding virtually all of the traditional foods that my grandmother used to make.

15 March 2008

all about spring

  1. A bunch of daffodils that have mysteriously arrived on my desk make my office smell like spring

  2. A tree outside my window has suddenly burst with pink blossoms overnight

  3. Feeling the first spring rain - it's warm outside and the rain drops are soft and gentle

11 March 2008

it's about time

  1. the satisfaction of working on a long overdue project

  2. choosing a night in rather than going out because it's the best thing for me

  3. discovering a CD that I didn't really like when I bought it, but that is now perfect