21 December 2007

wonder, right on time, and girlfriends

  1. gazing at the brightly coloured twinkling window display of the local toy store. I imagine the wonder a child must feel as he or she gazes up at it
  2. my morning commute to work goes like clockwork as both the bus and train arrive at the exact moments I do
  3. a cozy evening at home with two dear friends. Christmas cheer and good tidings of great joy abound

13 December 2007

wag, sparkle, and wreaths

1. Watching a dog wag his tail in welcome as his owner leaves a coffee shop and unties him from the post
2. A neighbour has hung glass icicles from a tree in his front yard. They sparkle and wink in the bright moonlight
3. I've been enjoying all the different Christmas wreaths that have appeared on neighbour's doors. There's a wide variety and I imagine that the different styles reflect the all the different kinds of people that live near me

10 December 2007

living beyond

Today I spent a little time with a patient who lives beyond the surface. He is just an ordinary man - a father, grandfather, softball coach, neighbour, friend. He would probably tell you that he is nothing special. Outwardly, this man has wasted away before my eyes over the last three months. Inwardly, his spirit overflows with joy, peace, love. He lives beyond what appears to be a tragedy - a cancer that should have been cured is killing him. He surrounds himself with laughter even as our eyes fill with tears. We know - he knows - that he is dying. But his spirit lives beyond this surface of pain. He is beautiful.

08 December 2007

101 ways to . . .

. . . get your Christmas tree home. I have enjoyed watching people lug and tug their Christmas trees home over the past few days. Trees strapped securely to cars and trucks with ropes, sticking precariously out of trunks, and even smooshed inside. My favourite sight was watching a girl with a red toque and black rubber boots taking her tree home on her bicycle.

05 December 2007

on my way, supper, and four on a couch

I make my way to a friend's house after a long first day at my new job. I'm tired and I don't feel like cooking. I suggest going out to find something to eat and he says, "Take a seat, I'll make you dinner." We end up having an impromptu party with two other friends, a bar of dark chocolate, and some coffee. It's the perfect ending to a tiring and somewhat overwhelming day.

04 December 2007

no, i didn't fall off the end of the earth . . .

. . . don't really know where I've been, but here I am! I love my new apartment and my new surroundings. I'm close to friends and things that are important to me - I finally feel like I'm living where my life is, if that makes any sense. Tomorrow I start a new job and a whole new chapter in my life. Here I go!

1. October: Coming in my apartment door and seeing the red-gold glow of the autumn leaves brushing against my window

2. November: Getting new glimpses of mountains and city skyline as the leaves fall from the trees and the bare branches provide new vistas

3. December: Watching the raindrops as they are illuminated by the streetlight outside my window. The light makes them flash and sparkle like tiny fireworks