27 October 2008

on my run today . . .

  1. . . . I purposely skip and jump through as many leaves as I can find
  2. . . . I hear my name called and find my friend Megs walking towards me
  3. . . . I see a cluster of mushrooms growing at the foot of a tree

26 October 2008

sing-a-long, looking in, and pumpkin patch

1. My friend Sarah and I unexpectedly spend the evening with the Vancouver Ukulele Circle. Forty ukuleles and just as many voices fill the coffee shop with old-time favourites, including one with the lyrics:

She likes vestibules, I never stood in a vestibule, but she likes vestibules
And that's my weakness now

2. Passing the lit windows of restaurants and coffee shops and imaging the conversations and laughter within

3. A quick stop for coffee unexpectedly includes a pumpkin patch, pigs, chickens, and sugar candy

10 October 2008

Turkey Trot

The silence outside my apartment is broken by the babble of dozens of young voices. I run to the window to see a line of children snaking down the street, across the road, and beyond the next corner. Police cars block the intersections and for five minutes all I hear is their happy chatter. Is it the annual Turkey Trot, the very Canadian tradition of whole schools going for communal walks on Thanksgiving weekend? I think it may be. Happy Thanksgiving!

white, chill, and almost there

  1. My sister loves white coloured vehicles. With surprise, I realize that I'm now drawn to them too
  2. Ice blue sky. Chill in the air. Scarves and hats reappear out of the closet

  3. I have been writing a paper for nearly a year. Today is the deadline and I am can taste the freedom

07 October 2008

listen, prelude, and sidewalk treasure

  1. Along a side street. The only sound I hear is the wind in the leaves
  2. A lone tree branch has changed its leaves to red. The rest of the tree remains firmly dressed in summer green
  3. I take every chance to explore boxes marked "free". Today an ink writing set, yesterday skirts and scarves

06 October 2008

tree tops, tea glasses, and welcome

  1. Gazing out my cousin's window I see russet coloured apples high amongst the tree branches
  2. I sip tea from a filigree etched tea glass and made in a silver samovar
  3. My cousin waits for me perched on the third floor landing of the staircase that winds up the outside of her apartment building

01 October 2008

bubbles for sale

My neighbourhood toy store has installed a bubble making machine above their front door. The bubbles float in streams above the street and glint in the sunshine. Another passerby and I make eye contact and smile.