25 September 2011

the start of something good

It's my first kayak building night.  The gentle fragrance of shavings rewards first my painstaking cuts into the wood.

18 September 2011

it's beginning to feel like home around here

Mom and dad are here for a visit. We sit on the couch and drink tea, cook together, redecorate, and talk about my impending car purchase.  It all feels great.

15 September 2011


The laughter and conversation of BC visitors still echos throughout my house. I treasure the little glimpses of them that I still find, like a towel hanging on the door or the maps scattered on the living room table.

05 September 2011

wish granted!

A comment on how much I would love my own kayak leads to an invitation for help to build my own.

02 September 2011

good morning, sunshine!

She used to greet me every morning with a cheery, "Good morning, Sunshine!"  I wrote the same message for her on our office white board when I left.  Now one of the best parts of my day is getting her same message when I look through my morning emails.