27 February 2012

cheap thrills

To see a friend pass by on the road and frantically wave as our cars swoosh by each other.

24 February 2012

good news

For a moment, my friend's good news reminds me of what I don't have.  I breath deep and fill my soul with gratitude for what I do have, what I hope for, and what I trust will come to my life. 

23 February 2012


Our quiet office is transformed by our new colleague; her laughter resonates throughout the hallways.

22 February 2012

teach me

I've decided to learn to knit. From all corners in my life come offers to help me learn.  Patient teachers fix my mistakes, answer questions, and keep me going.

21 February 2012


It's Shrove Tuesday, which means pancakes for everyone in Lunenburg County, no matter if you're a church goer or not.  Whether it was at the firehall, church basement, school, or community hall, chances are you had syrup with supper tonight.

17 February 2012

have you heard?

"Have you heard the robins?" My neighbour tells me that the songbirds are singing again.  The next morning I take time to listen for their greeting.

11 February 2012

in the pasture

On the first day of snow, when the white curtain of winter began to stream down, 

the house where i lived grew distant

and at first it seemed imperative to hurry home.

But later, not much later, I began to see

that soft snowbound house as i would always remember it, 

and i would linger a long time in the pasture, 

turning in circles, staring

at all the crisp, exciting, snow filled roads

that led away.

- Mary Oliver

06 February 2012


Kids are playing hockey out on the frozen lake. It's a quintessential Canadian moment and the first time I've ever seen it for myself.

04 February 2012

bowling . . . and not alone

As the book  Bowling Alone (about the change in how people in America interact and engage in society) was partially responsible for my current career path, it's somewhat ironic that I now bowl with a local league. As I look around the alley, there are familiar faces, smiles of recognition, and warm welcomes.  It's the Friday night league in Lunenburg and I feel like I belong.

02 February 2012

inside, outside

Outside, today was cold and grey.  Inside, it was filled with naps, tea with a new friend, help with a project, and a package in the post.

01 February 2012

winter's walk

The woods envelop us and we enter, silenced and awed by a world of glistening white. Branches heavy with snow tempt us to try a taste.