30 June 2007

new things, wedding bells, and riding in cars with . . .

sigurd creek

  1. a new hike with a new friend

  2. watching a group of groomsmen decorating a wedding car

  3. a red classic chevrolet convertable with it's top down drives past. inside is a man with his arm around a woman. I look a little closer and see a baby tucked inside too.

29 June 2007

sweet dreams, two words, and liquid luxury

  1. Grand plans to go to bed and snuggle in with a book
  2. A "thank you" from a patient's family member
  3. Sipping on a small glass of good port

25 June 2007

bright spot, mystery, and notes

  1. Red geraniums in a window box
  2. The allure of a garden gate
  3. The faint notes of bagpipes drift up to my house from the police training grounds

24 June 2007

hold me, team work, and surrounded

  1. The feeling of holding a child in my arms and comforting him

  2. My sister and I put on a birthday party for my dad this weekend. We work well together, anticipating each other's next moves and tasks

  3. Seeing my dad surrounded by loving friends and family and hearing people talk about what a wonderful man he is - and he is

22 June 2007

red, yellow, and blue

  1. Red painted houses
  2. Yellow cars
  3. Patches of blue sky while it's still raining

19 June 2007

simple, community, and filling up

  1. A walk to the post office in the sunshine
  2. A group of people who have become good friends over the past six months
  3. Looking at my diary and seeing it filled up with fun plans and activities

18 June 2007

neighbourhood life, feline frenzy, and intertwined

  1. the sounds and smells of a neighbourhood as I walk down a quiet street - a lawnmower, a father and son talking, the perfumy smell of someone's laundry drying in the dryer
  2. a brigade of cats today - walking up and down the street, sitting in doorways and window ledges, and skulking between fences
  3. the lavender and blood red roses in my neighbour's garden have tangled themselves together

16 June 2007

all in good time, radio tunes, and boys will be boys

  1. a slow start to a saturday morning - no alarm, no schedule
  2. listening to CBC Radio 2 and Stuart McLean while sipping a on a very big cup of coffee
  3. a group of teenage boys sitting - of all places - in a white gazebo in the middle of a rose garden, smoking

14 June 2007

rest, catching up, and some like it hot

  1. Flopping on the couch after a long day at work and staying there for the evening
  2. Ringing friends and catching up on new homes, new jobs, and new babies
  3. Munching on a new spicy flavour of crisps - mmmmm

13 June 2007

move, plans, and sky

  1. A good friend is moving nearby
  2. Hiking plans for the weekend
  3. Watching the cloud patterns and colours change as I drive from Vancouver to the Valley

08 June 2007

Clean as a whistle, filtered, and reaquainted

  1. Clean dishes sparkling in the drying rack

  2. The sun filters through my office blinds, creating a shadow of the geranium in the window

  3. Putting on a CD that I haven't listened to since I wrote my last paper for grad school

02 June 2007

lone traveler, small town, and epic journey

  1. a lone dog lopes along in a green hay field
  2. I'm back in my hometown for the day - it takes five minutes from one end of the town to the other
  3. my family gathers 'round to plan the journey into the big city for my graduation. Complicated plans and finangling abound

01 June 2007

cosmopolitan, just for you, and back on track

  1. a party at a friend's flat that overlooks the ocean and the sunset makes me feel very cosmopolitan and that this is just how one would imagine things would be in a big city - it's not everyday life, but it's fun

  2. Baljinder, the lady who threads my eyebrows, is just about to leave for the day when I walk in. She sees me and says she'll stay just for me

  3. feeling well again after a few days of not-so-well