18 June 2007

neighbourhood life, feline frenzy, and intertwined

  1. the sounds and smells of a neighbourhood as I walk down a quiet street - a lawnmower, a father and son talking, the perfumy smell of someone's laundry drying in the dryer
  2. a brigade of cats today - walking up and down the street, sitting in doorways and window ledges, and skulking between fences
  3. the lavender and blood red roses in my neighbour's garden have tangled themselves together

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bea n. random said...

I really like your blog and its upbeat tone. I found it through a link on the 3 Beauttiful Things blog (which I also adore!).
I love any instance when people take the time to notice enjoy Life and all it has to offer, both the major things and the little things.

thanks for sharing with us,