30 June 2008

water baby, lick, and waffles

  1. Swimming in the outdoor pool across the street as the evening sun bathes everything in an orange glow. Swimming outdoors again today, this time in a salt water pool that overlooks the ocean.
  2. An impulsive trip to the gelato store with a friend
  3. A weekend of breakfasts - crepes one day, waffles the next, and yet more waffles today - eaten while listening to good music with good friends.

29 June 2008

breeze, community notes, and friends like these

  1. The trees outside my window are dancing and rustling in the hot summer breeze

  2. Across the street at the community centre, a live band is rehearsing. I can't quite tell what they are playing - classical/jazz/blues/Latin American/German waltzes? Nevertheless, the sounds bring the street to life

  3. A buzz on my doorbell. A friend has brought me coffee and a croissant to make my paper writing just that much easier

24 June 2008

easy living, just in time, dancing shoes

  1. A cool summer evening's breeze wafts through my apartment, bringing with it the fragrance of BBQs and freshly cut grass

  2. A friend and I slip into a free concert at the jazz festival just in time to hear the first notes of what ends up being an incredible evening of music and dancing

  3. Plans with a friend to start Salsa dancing lessons grow to include three more friends and plans for weekend dancing as well

08 June 2008

Sunday morning

  1. Listening to Stewart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe on CBC, while
  2. Flipping through the paper, and
  3. Drinking hot coffee with real cream