17 September 2007

views, visits, and vicissitudes

  1. A deep orange crescent of moon hangs above the city's skyline
  2. Anticipating a friend's visit
  3. Looking back and seeing the rhythm, pattern, and meaning to life's changes

04 September 2007

profiles, perfect timing, and can't wait

  1. A row of chimneys outlined against the dusk sky
  2. Going in to work when it's raining and coming out when it's sunny
  3. Friday night plans to anticipate and savour

03 September 2007

Ramblings, twinkle, and bliss

  1. An alone but not lonely late night walk
  2. A gentle breeze makes the fairy lights on a neighbours' tree twinkle and wink
  3. Back at the cabin, everyone else has gone to bed. I light the candles and pour myself a hot bath.

01 September 2007

trek, taking time, and three part harmony

1. The feeling of accomplishment when we arrive at the glacier lakes and alpine meadows
2. Stopping to pick the blackberries I had to rush by in the morning
3. My friend stops me and tells me to listen. From one side I hear trickling from a small waterfall. Below me I hear a gurgle as the creek runs downhill. Far away I hear a roar as the larger river thunders by.
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