31 December 2010

all things new

The anticipation of a new year with its yet unknown experiences and unmet friends makes me breathless with excitement.  At the same time I look back to 2010 with gratitude and deep peace, knowing that this past year helped bring me to this place of change and growth.  I think I'm ready - hello 2011!

30 December 2010

welcome home

T is back from vacation and his text messages start filling my inbox again.  Welcome home, my friend!  It's been too quiet without you.

29 December 2010

freshly fallen

The snow that fell overnight left the mountains' contours outlined in deep blue shadows.  There's a light mist too and it connects the fields to the sky in one long sheet of white and grey.  On our walk the sun is just setting behind Sumas Mountain, leaving faint traces of the day's colours reflected on the water.

14 December 2010

13 December 2010

12 December 2010

here we go a wassailing

From up along the street come the sounds of carols.  Lynda and the Gallery Singers create a moment of peace and rest amongst the busy shoppers.  "Come to our concert on Friday," they invite.

11 December 2010

christmas cheer

Their home is full to the brim with conversation, candlelight, amazing food, and the overwhelming warmth of friends coming together to celebrate.  Thanks for officially welcoming Christmas, J & M.

08 December 2010

in my dreams

Unusually for me, lately I've been having very vivid dreams and waking up to remember them. Last night brought me back to the halls of my high school, where two classmates were joyfully playing music on their synthesizers and drums.  I woke up smiling at their incredible happiness and contagious energy.

Interpretations anyone?

05 December 2010

reaching out

The air is crisp and cool today,  the snow covered mountains sharp pinnacles against the pink sky, so close that I can almost touch them.

02 December 2010

looking up

Bent over my electronic device, I look up to see the sun setting over the water as the bus passes over Burrard St. bridge.  I put down my phone and absorb the beauty surrounding me.

photo by  www.Bridgepix.com

01 December 2010

the best laid plans

Two women stand in the lobby of my work building and consult a clipboard.   "I think the wreath should go on the railing" one says with authority.  On my way out at the end of the day the wreath, a Christmas tree, and lights are all in place.