28 February 2010

sights at night

Damara and I went running tonight after the Olympic closing ceremonies. The streets were alive with laughter and energy:
  1. By the water, we pass under the English Bay light show (http://www.ctvolympics.ca/about-vancouver/news/newsid=20625.html). Beams of light slice through the sky and create an magical arch for us to run through.
  2. Passing beside an outdoor stage, we hear a lone guitarist strumming as he looks out over the ocean.
  3. Back along the sea wall, the sky is lit with fireworks from all directions.

1 comment:

HKatz said...

Sounds like a colorful and magnificent run (and it's cool that you're at the city of the winter Olympics).

I also like the image of the lone guitarist looking out over the ocean - the lone artist, in communion with broader things.