18 August 2007


Today's beautiful things deserves a post of its own. When I lived in Bristol, my favourite place to go was a coffee/tea house on Park Street called The Boston Tea Party. With its big squishy couches in a noisy upstairs room and its terraced garden, as well as its great teas and lunches, I couldn't stay away. It was where I went to read a book, write a letter, while away the hours, or meet with friends. It was my place. Since moving to Vancouver, I've been searching for a replacement; somewhere not too busy, nor too trendy or commercialized. Somewhere I could call my favourite place. And today I found it! Tucked amongst the modern glass buildings on Ash Street is an old Victorian house that has been converted into a coffee shop called The Daily Perk. Inside, the original woodwork still gleams and the owner serves up a wonderful cup of coffee and the best raisin bran muffin I have had. And up a steap flight of stairs is a big squishy couch, comfy chairs, a small veranda with a table for two, and a funky, sparkly chandelier. In some strange way, today I feel like Vancouver has become just a little more like home.

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cari said...

mmmmm...sounds wonderful, I miss the days of being able to sit in a coffee shop and read a book uninterupted!