26 May 2008

3BT Manifesto

I read a quote this morning that I think speaks well to the idea of recognizing and rejoicing in the beautiful things around us in everyday life. I often wonder if I'm an optimist or a realist. I like this definition of realism and I also think it speaks well to the spirit of 3BT:

"True realism always and everywhere is ... to find out where joy resides and give it voice .... For to miss the joy is to miss all."
Life's been a bit hard lately, with the loss of a relationship that was important to me, challenges at work, and questions about the path and direction of my own journey. Grief and loneliness have been real, tangible. But despite all this:
  1. The trees outside my window are now in full leaf. They still have the brilliant, lurid green of spring and I feel like I live inside a secret tree house
  2. A spectacular sunset is visible against the backdrop of the mountains. A friend arrives at my place just in time to share the last moments of its brillance with me
  3. Just as I wondered if Christmas wreaths speak to the personalities of their makers, I notice the many types of planters and flower pots decorating my neighbours gardens and speculate about what type of person planted what type and what combination of flowers

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enar arshad said...

thank you for sharing.