08 April 2007

Getting into the spirit of things, spring showers, and telephone wires

  1. Every last inch of a house in my neighbourhood has been decorated for Easter . . . eggs hanging from trees, flowers in baskets, large bunnies strewn across the lawn . . . as I pass, I stop, amazed
  2. As I leave for a run, a gentle rain starts up. Just as the wind starts blowing and the rain really starts pelting, I'm home
  3. A row of blackbirds sitting on a telephone wire

1 comment:

Alvin & Denise said...

i bet my joshie would like your place. i can just envision the eyes wide with excitement and the ongoing chatter. i have been enjoying your listing of good things -- now that i have discovered your blog, that is. i seem to remember sitting in cari's living room saying you should blog... and all the while you had a blog already and weren't telling. i'm trying not to take it personally. love you.